Friday, June 30, 2006

Gimme Indie Rock!

Sebadoh Gimme Indie Rock (MP3)

Taking inspiration from Husker Du
It’s a new generation
Of electric white boy blues
Come on indie rock
It’s gone big
Come on indie rock
Just give me indie rock

Breaking down the barriers
Like Sonic Youth
They got what they wanted
Maybe i can get what i want too
Come on indie rock
It’s gone big
Come on indie rock
Just give me indie rock

courtesy of Domino
for a limited time only I'd imagine.

Matthew Sweet Girlfriend

Matthew Sweet 's classic Girlfriend album has just been given the DBL CD re-issue treatment. His first two albums suffered from "80's hell" production but Girlfriend was/is a classic from start to finish and the first of several great Matthew Sweet albums up to In Reverse (which did little for me).

Found out about the reissue by way of this two star review in The Guardian which seems to work on the "it can't be that good if I've haven't heard of it before" principle.

Watch the promo video for Girlfriend below.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cat Power The Greatest

Cat Power performs The Greatest on the BBC's Later With Jools Holland.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The 1900s Plume Delivery

Have been really enjoying the debut EP from Chicago's The 1900's courtesy of Jim at Parasol. Fans of The Essex Green, Camera Obscura, Belle & Sebastian will almost certainly approve.

Listen or download

Bring The Goods Boys Home

Monday, June 26, 2006

Andrew Morgan A Simple Plan

Andrew Morgan has just finished recording his follow up to 2004's acclaimed Misadventures in Radiology (#49 in Uncut's top 70 of that year). The album will be called A Simple Plan. David Wetzel of Ghosty is set to begin mixing it almost immediately. Look out for updates on Andrew's My Space page.

Broken Horse recommends Kelly Stoltz's Crockodials

Tim Buckley on The Monkees

Watch Tim Buckley sing his classic Song To The Siren on The Monkees TV show.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Cam Butler Go Slow ??

As well as being the guitarist and ship captain of Melbourne's Silver Ray, Cam Butler is now onto his third solo album. Hear tracks from his forthcoming (already out in Australia) album See Symphony No.1 and the criminally ignored Go Slow at Cam's my space page. Cam has also already almost finished his 4th solo album and next week will begin work on See Symphony No 2. What's that Cam? Another Silver Ray album in the works too?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jandek on Corwood

The Jandek on Corwood DVD is a must see for anyone reading this blog. Whether you'll want to take or (probably) leave his music, it's a fascinating story nonetheless. Since it's release, Jandek has played live which may have shattered the myth to some extent but he's held enough back to keep much of the mystery intact. Have a good look at the Jandek website (unofficial, of course) and see what the likes of Beck, Will Oldham and Smog have begged, borrowed or stolen.

Bill Ricchini

Broken Horse happily uses and endorses the music of Bill Ricchini. Both Ordinary Time and Tonight I Burn Brightly are recommended without hesitation. Fans of Belle & Sebastian, Andrew Morgan & Elliott Smith should proceed without further delay.

As of 22nd June 2006, you can download 3 of Bill's tracks for free at his my space page.

Bill Ricchini interview

Customers Who Bought...

Ghosty's Grow Up or Sleep in also bought

Felt Forever Breathes The Lonely Word


Tangents on Felt.

Ghosty banquet records review

With skillful song writing, slightly psyched out elements and some real full on ace indie rock styles which bring to mind groups/artists like Flaming Lips, The Shins, Pavement, Ben Folds and so on, this is a powerful and beautifully crafted album with well versed lyrics and extremely catchy, memorable tracks that have an uplifting and very positive atmosphere - definitely for folks who like the previously stated groups! There is a bonus track which is an alternative mix of one of the tracks featuring Wayne from Flaming Lips!

visit banquet records

Conner Independent Woman

As mentioned in a earlier post Conner is the latest Broken Horse signing. Once again, Conner is brought to you from Lawrence, Kansas (see also Ghosty, Andrew Morgan and William Burroughs)

Listen to Independent Woman.

Pete Doherty Viz

From iJamming

“If you want a good view of Pete Doherty live, push your way through the crowds towards the front of the stage. Then go round the back of the stage. Out of the exit and catch a bus to Bow Street Magistrates Court when you can see the twat most weekday mornings.”

Viz Comics nails Doherty. From its 2006 Festival Guide in Q magazine, July 2006.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ghosty No Nothing

Spot the famous faces in this picture. Click to enlarge.

Ghosty's 2nd album "No Nothing" is now finished and just awaits mastering. Look out for an early 2007 release.

In the meantime you can listen to one it's tracks " A Good Customer" by visiting the ghosty website.

What Are You On?

When did Kevin Tihista get himself a dog? No, actually that's not him, it's the equally enigmatic FM Cornog of East River Pipe.

The Pipe's What Are You On (Merge) which came out earlier this year is a definite contender for album of the year here at Broken Horse. There's a great article about FM Cornog/ERP here.

I recommend you listen to the East River Pipe podcast.

Kevin Tihista

Did I mention that there's a new Kevin Tihista track up on his my space page? No?

Well, here it is

now playing

The Essex Green The Long Goodbye (Track & Field) CD

Magnolia Electric Co The Dark Don't Hide It (live)

free download from

Ghosty Hearts & Essex


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Andrew Morgan Supine on the Covers (video)

Fig Media produced its first music video this year (2005) with the talented musician Andrew Morgan. Fig directed, shot, and edited the video for “Supine on the Covers” on the streets of Chicago and on location with the band at the Hideout. The song is from his ambitious melancholy record "Misadventures in Radiology."


Supine on the Covers

(you need to scrawl down the page to find it)

Ghosty Henry Greene (video)

click here to watch

Smog I Break Horses

Broken Horse got it's name from a line from Smog's I Break Horses from his new perfect Kicking a Couple Around EP. Later on, I remembered that there was a Rain Parade song that I loved called Broken Horse so I like to think it was inspired by the two of them. Anyway, you can watch the Smog video for I Break Horses below.

Another Ghosty review

"... promising pop debut with a neat take on the young American experience. " ghosty review

Conner on TV

Are you ready to rock?

Check out Conner (the latest addition to the broken horse stable) on Lawrence, KS TV show The Turnpike

Recommended segments are 3 and 5.

The session was recorded a few years back in lead guitarist Tom Wagner's Underground Sound studios. An all analogue studio where Conner record all their music. Read all about it.

Ghosty Americana UK review

Great psychpop album with a cameo from Lips man Coyne

With a fully fledged sound that layers instruments galore and pays tribute to the sixties Wilson Beach Boys and other California elements, Ghosty share a retronuevo sense with the Coral and the Earlies, a celebration tinged with irony, of those halcyon days. High on Life, a song celebrating escape from the humdrum daily life ends with the line “ we get high on life, Ted Nugent and I.” This album is chockfull of great songs, highlights include Clouds Solve It, a stomping good listen with great guitar and a driving rhythm that recalls offbeat harmony bands from the sixties. Big Surrender is another full-blown technicolour production and High on Life sounds at times like a collaberation between the Beach Boys and Caravan with almost progrock keyboard flourishes towards the end. There are hooks galore throughout this album and at the end there is a reprise of the poppiest song, Clouds Solve It where Wayne Coyne adds laid-back vocals almost like a booze addled Vegas buddy.

Date review added: Sunday, June 18, 2006
Reviewer: Paul Kerr
Reviewers Rating:

From Americana UK