Thursday, January 21, 2010

andrew morgan update

From Andrew's blog

"I love my NPR, so I was especially thrilled after being tipped off about this tonight: NPR

BBC Radio Scotland's Another County with Ricky Ross played As Long As We're Together on their Americana show last Friday night.

I expect to have the new album and a trio of EPs finished in June. Right now the album is looking like:

Grey Light of the Season

01. Granville
02. Blood Moon
03. No One
04. Roses from Todnauberg
05. View from Nowhere
06. Laurel
07. St. Petersberg
08. Winterlight
09. Summertime
10. Cadet
11. Statue on Summer St.
12. Nightfall, Magdalen St.
13. In from the Cold
14. Vapor and Steam