Monday, March 22, 2010

down at the rock n' roll club

Recording proper of the new Kevin Tihista album "On This Dark Street" will begin in earnest this week. All ten tracks have been written, demoed and a running order has been decided, hopefully it will be wrapped up in just a couple of weeks. These songs are amongst the best Kevin's ever written and they're going to leave the opposition standing, take our word for it. We can't wait to hear the finished record.


Teenage Werewolf
I Heard A Voice
Don't Let Him In
Jack K
Shame Train

Taking It To The Streets
Country Road

Kevin Tihista says

"Hey there, Alun! Weekend sucked!!! Had to dj both Friday and Saturday at liars club. There were a couple fights. I had to save a girl from getting beat up by her boyfriend. One of the bartenders got sucker punched and had a barstool thrown at him. Broke his hand. Crazy. My guitar player moves back to town tomorrow. I am taking the recorder to the loft/rehearsal spot he's living in, on Thursday. We borrowed some top notch mics for the drums. Got a cool girl drummer. Also lined up a string player. My keyboard player is hauling over his fender rhodes piano. My guitar player is also an ace trumpet player. Things are shaping up nicely. Gonna try and bang this out as fast as humanly possible!!
Everyone is psyched, and ready to rock. Can't flippin' wait!!!! "

photos by Kevin Tihista.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

patrick cleandenim - new demos & class actress video

listen here

Official video of Class Actress' "Journal of Ardency". Directed by Patrick Cleandenim.
Song appears on Class Actress' EP Journal of Ardency out now on Terrible Records.