Monday, August 30, 2010

charles douglas - the lives of charles douglas CD

You can now buy (with immediate dispatch) the fantastic The Lives of Charles Douglas CD direct from Broken Horse . The album includes all new artwork and a great 12 page booklet with excellent sleeve notes written by Charles Douglas himself.

We're very excited to be getting this great lost album back into the world.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

charles douglas - great pop supplement 7" pre-order

Hey everyone,

Trust this finds you all well…..

2 more GPS 45s to lure you in with… and while of course I would say this, both are total gems- the first from one of the most talked about new bands in Britain, while the other features 2 ridiculously perfect, catchy pop nuggets with Moe Tucker on drums no less!
Here’s the press bumph:

GPS57 Still Corners “Don’t Fall in Love” / “Wish” 7” #.d 7” ltd to 400

Following a debut self released CD EP in 2008, London’s Still Corners regroup to a recent fanfare of widespread acclaim for recent killer live shows and a body of mesmerizing new songs. Two of which feature on the band’s debut wax outing on The Great Pop Supplement. Described recently by The Guardian as one of the best new bands in Britain, suggesting they may about to become forebearers for a new golden age of indie. So no pressure there then.

Terms such as “dreamy noir-pop“, “lush, hazy”, “timeless, reverb drenched bliss” have all been bandied around of late, check out the video for double A sider “Wish” online which merely hints at the reason for so much salivating of late. An epic 45 which will disappear in the blink of an eye. 400 numbered copies.

GPS58 Charles Douglas “Summertime” / “Good Luck” #d 300 copy 45

Beginning to appear on many “great lost album” lists of late, is the incredible 1999 album “The Lives of Charles Douglas”. Produced by, and featuring percussion from the Velvets’ one and only Moe Tucker with Engineering and Guitar from UVS’ Kurt Ralske. Like many great albums before it (and something Moe herself is acutely aware of, of course) when released (on No.6 records in US) small pockets of listeners fell in love with it immediately but only years later has it’s true value began to shine.

The single here features 2 insanely catchy, New York pop gems- think a Moe produced collision of Lou, Velvets, Modern Lovers and Beat Happening. All this and it’s ridiculously well dressed too- half clear vinyl, half green vinyl, full colour picture labels and numbered out of 300. Sweet. Hike up the volume in anticipation for a UK release for the full length later in the year on Broken horse.

Please be quick on these, interest is real high on both and I’ve had distros & mailorder setups I’ve never heard of or dealt with before come in for (the stuff in general but especially) these new 7s.

Re: cost, I’m fighting a losing battle with spiralling charges on manufacturing costs vs. keeping it all affordable for you lot! I hope I’m not alienating any of you by upping the ante a wee bit here- at least on single copies, although where you order both, I’ll try and keep costs the same which I hope sounds fair? So for single copies of each it’s £5.25 +post, or for both here’s a breakdown:-

2 x 7” in UK w/ post = £11.50, 2 x 7” into Europe = £13.00, 2 x 7” for rest of the world £14. Usual thing of paypal best on this email address thanks…

Time to reel out my old chestnut here, that by buying direct from me, you ensure the longevity of the label so if I can raise prices slightly and still say that with a straight face then I’m grateful to ya! To remain competitive with other labels‘ 7s is the aim pretty much….

If anyone is after any back catalogue stuff, there’s so little left now that if ordering with either of the new singles, feel free to take these last 2 x 7s at £2 each, 10” at £3 and CD at £4:-

7”: yair yona, trimdon grange explosion. 10” “it happened on a day” v/a tunng/woodcraft folk etc, CD: tom carter (charalambides)/christian kiefer.

Ok, that’s pretty much it this time round. Thanks as ever, blindin’ stuff up next so natter again soon,


Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Lives of Charles Douglas: DISPATCH 001

Follow the link below to take you to the new Charles Douglas blog.

The Lives of Charles Douglas: DISPATCH 001: "The last thing anyone needs is another blog. I hate blogs. Boring, pretentious, pitching products, etc. A total waste of time... So here..."