Wednesday, December 29, 2010

monorail - charles douglas

"There's a record we've been enjoying a lot since we got a promo of it back in September. Charles Douglas, The Lives Of... on small Manchester imprint, Broken Horse is a real curio. It first appeared on the No.6 label in 1999 and after selling out its pressing disappeared. Douglas is a smart, deadpan New York City kind of guy who writes hilariously about this doomed record in the sleevenotes – Mo Tucker on drums and production, Kurt Ralske (UVS) and Dean Wareham couldn't save it or the group from their own junkie fate. But what they left behind is a nugget of a record; classic, melodic scuzz in the great style of the Modern Lovers, Strokes, Jim Carroll Band and inevitably, the Velvet Underground. In the end a winner."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

slowly wasted

Charles Douglas and Broken Horse were both surprised and thrilled to see his track "Slowly Wasted" included on the lasted DJ mix/podcast by Andrew Weatherall. Obviously, a man of great taste.

1. Sympathy for the Devil - Rasputin
2. Let’s Take a Trip - Godfrey
3. They’re Here - Boots Walker
4. Death Dance - The Meteors
5. All My Hate and My Hexes are for You - Crocodiles
6. Boys Outside (Weatherall Dub) - Steve Mason
7. Kaleidoscope - The Electric Red Drive
8. Emnete - Imperial Tiger Orchestra
9. The Love Me or Die - C. W. Stoneking
10. Lullaby - Followed by Static
11. Silver Surfer (Weatherall Remix) - Trentemøller
12. Coma Summer - Weekend
13. Slowly Wasted - Charles Douglas

You can listen/download to the mix here (hosted by