Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ghosty Americana UK review

Great psychpop album with a cameo from Lips man Coyne

With a fully fledged sound that layers instruments galore and pays tribute to the sixties Wilson Beach Boys and other California elements, Ghosty share a retronuevo sense with the Coral and the Earlies, a celebration tinged with irony, of those halcyon days. High on Life, a song celebrating escape from the humdrum daily life ends with the line “ we get high on life, Ted Nugent and I.” This album is chockfull of great songs, highlights include Clouds Solve It, a stomping good listen with great guitar and a driving rhythm that recalls offbeat harmony bands from the sixties. Big Surrender is another full-blown technicolour production and High on Life sounds at times like a collaberation between the Beach Boys and Caravan with almost progrock keyboard flourishes towards the end. There are hooks galore throughout this album and at the end there is a reprise of the poppiest song, Clouds Solve It where Wayne Coyne adds laid-back vocals almost like a booze addled Vegas buddy.

Date review added: Sunday, June 18, 2006
Reviewer: Paul Kerr
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