Friday, June 30, 2006

Matthew Sweet Girlfriend

Matthew Sweet 's classic Girlfriend album has just been given the DBL CD re-issue treatment. His first two albums suffered from "80's hell" production but Girlfriend was/is a classic from start to finish and the first of several great Matthew Sweet albums up to In Reverse (which did little for me).

Found out about the reissue by way of this two star review in The Guardian which seems to work on the "it can't be that good if I've haven't heard of it before" principle.

Watch the promo video for Girlfriend below.

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john dee said...

Call me a snob, perhaps, but does any real fan actually care what The Guardian says about music? Alexis Petrifidis aside-and John Fordham on Jazzzzz-they all do exactly what you'd expect:turn out limp copy about releases they've been carpetbombed with by London-based press agents.And Petrifidis is only different because she has more space to occupy and therefore has the chance to exercise her talent for the literate piss-take. It's not much but at least it's entertaining.
Otherwise,it's a dead loss.Anyone who buys a record on the basis of what The Guardian says is a fool and deserves to be gypped at every turn.