Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pitchfork reviews Baby Comes Home

Pitchfork have given Patrick Cleandenim's Baby Comes Home an extremely positive review

"Ba Da Bing, which has shown a recent tendency toward the young and retro-dignified (Beirut, Essie Jain), finds its next constituent in 22-year old Lawrence, Kansas expat and Bobby Darin aspirant Patrick Cleandenim. His first LP under this moniker (his parents named him Patrick Clendenin Roberts), Baby Comes Home, was recorded throughout 2005 with significant help from enrollees in the University of Kansas' music department. Cleandenim recruited dozens of Jayhawks to serve as his backing band, and Baby's lush brass and strings reflect it. Studio time was tight, with recording sessions taking place during the graveyard shift-- only appropriate for a record with several songs that lurk through the darker side of the high life."

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