Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Patrick Cleandenim - Sixeyes

The SIXEYES Blog has caught the Cleandenim bug, here's what they say,

"Listen up! What Zach Condon did for Balkan gypsy in the field of indie music, so Patrick Cleandenim (Patrick Clendenin Roberts) will do for minor key swingin' orchestral sixties pop. Indie label Ba Da Bing shows us all they're the real deal by first snagging Condon and now Cleandenim. I've got to admit that the idea of reviving this musical era and style left me cold at first, but after a few more listens over the past couple of weeks I've begun to see the light. This guy is gonna bring back the sing-a-long in cars on the way to the beach and on grey rainy Sundays, he's going to make us all feel like we're in our own private musical, which, and we can only hope, will kill karaoke for good (or, even better, Hollywood musicals), and he's going to turn some heads and prick some ears. But I've got a feeling this fellow won't stick to one style, he'll surprise with his next effort I'm sure.

Cleandenim is living in New York and he and his new band, Living Image, will be doing a few shows in the coming weeks in support of Baby Comes Home, check their myspace.

"I saw you walking with the vampire last night..." , so begins the opening cut, "Baby Comes Home", and if you let it, the music will sink it's teeth in and won't let go. "

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