Sunday, November 26, 2006

David Vandervelde

Jacket, the debut 7" on Secretly Canadian by David Vandervelde hasn't been off the broken horse turntable for the last couple of days.

"David Vandervelde's 60s/early 70s-influenced folk pop is equal parts song craft and production technique. At 22 years old, Dave is not only talented at playing guitars, keyboards, and many other instruments, but he is also an accomplished songwriter, engineer and producer. He has received mention in a Tape Op article (May/June 2004) featuring Jay Bennett and his Chicago studio Pieholden Suite Sound, where Dave has lived and worked for two years. During this time Dave and Jay collaborated on numerous recording projects including Jay’s own record “Bigger Than Blue,” Mark Eitzel, Jonathan Rice (Warner Bros.), Jon Ralston (Vagrant Records) and The Outlaw Family Band. David's two most recent production/recording efforts are the new Entrance "Prayer of Death" album and Jay Bennet's new album "The Magnificent Defeat" on Rykodisc. Dave currently resides in Chicago and will be touring in months to come. "

Undertow Music

You can download Jacket here


Anonymous said...

This is a great soudning track. It's nice to find some like minded souls across the pond.

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