Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pernice Brothers Somerville

The Pernice Brothers have unveiled a new track Somerville on both their my space page and website. You can download it for free at their own site, you just need to hand over your email address in return. It's from their forthcoming album Live A Little which is due in the Autumn (or Fall if you're an American) and sounds like the best thing they've done in years.

Joe Pernice famously wrote the sleeve notes to John Cunningham's Happy Go Unlucky on Broken Horse.

"There is a train leaving Penn Station at 10:00 in the morning and I'm on it, I think. I am the guy slouched over in his seat, as defeated as a lower case question mark. This could be exactly the wrong time to start a business or family or a relationship with any kind of legs. Could be the right time. The world is coming apart like a disgustingly ornate wedding cake gone stale, and here I am, seated backwards and hung over on good booze, escaping to Massachusetts in first class.

An undeniable sense of real loss much greater than that associated with our failure to get the girl or house or job, if you can believe it is the conductor of this train. The train with its cars barreling into the crocodile enriched water like antelope made stupid by the clock's tick. What right do I have to hope there is a meal of grilled duck and fish soup waiting at the table of my host? Is it simply because I am hungry? Maybe. Like I said, I'm seated backwards, and from this angle, yes, John, everyone is getting young. People left standing on the platforms shrink in the distance like New York City. And you're absolutely goddamn right, even from the other side of the ocean, that the memories fade like rainfall after snow, whether we want them to or not. That's precisely how they go. When I was more afraid I would have looked you in the eyes and said, "You're full of shit." But things are in fact as delicate as you make them out to be, and I'd turn around and face forward if there were a seat.
We are cursed with opportunity, so much so that we screw the pooch harder daily and without permission, and it's taking the place of love. Things could be so good, and life be what it should: A sentiment so simple, you'd think we'd get it."
Joe Pernice, NYC, Feb. 11, 2003

Buy Happy Go Unlucky direct from Broken Horse

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John Ainsworth said...

Spooky synchronicity! Reading your informative posting about new material by Pernice Brothers while listening to their last album "Discover a Lovelier You". Okay, I'm a bit late in hearing it but you find things in your own time,right?