Friday, July 21, 2006

Conner Hello Graphic Missile

Broken Horse is proud to present the debut UK release from Conner. Release date is October 2nd 2006.

Hello Graphic Missile introduces Conner's unique brand of "Get in the Van" garage rock, taking in such diverse influences as Fugazi, 70's Stones, Richard Hell, The Smiths and Iggy Pop. A winning formula aided by a toughness & intensity to their sound that leaves many of their contemporaries looking bereft in comparison.

The band hail from the college town of Lawrence, Kansas which is also home to label mates Ghosty and the town that William S.Burroughs lived in for the last 15 years of his life. Current population is 80,098 (2000 census, thanks wikipedia.)

Conner were formed in 2001 by singer/guitarist James Duft & bass player Phil Bonahoom. After their original drummer & lead guitarist both skipped town to music college in Boston, the band’s line up was solidified by the arrival of drummer Bryce Boley and guitarist Tom Wagner in a poacher turned game keeper scenario, as Wagner had produced the band’s early demos.

Away from the scrutiny of a music scene such as New York or LA, living in the mid west allowed Conner to flourish as a live act, and to hold their own as the support act of choice when touring acts such as The Arcade Fire, Hot Hot Heat and even Hard Fi came to town. The culmination of this was when the band were invited to support The Killers on the mid west leg of their 2005 tour, playing up to 10,000 people a night and selling every CD & T- Shirt the band had brought with them.

Hello Graphic Missile is the band’s second full length release (following debut the White Cube which they self released in 2003). The album was recorded at guitarist Tom Wagner’s Underground Sound studios in Lawrence. A strictly analogue studio , Wagner’s tape machine is a 1200 pound monster that was used to record Jefferson Airplane’s Volunteers album back in the day.

The band is currently planning some intensive US touring and hopes to land on European shores in the coming months (late 2006 or early 2007).

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