Friday, July 28, 2006

Built To Spill Conventional Wisdom

Here's the video of Built To Spill's Conventional Wisdom from their latest album In Reverse, which like the previous BTS album and Doug Martsch's solo effort have been US only releases. I'm sure the suits at Warner Brothers know best.


harvey john bobbin said...

hey man i just stumbled on your site and that built to spill video rools!
it's, like, amazing when the guys in the band get dressed up in medieval knight's wear and it suddenly hits you that there's always been a dark ages quality to their can just see doug martsch tossing bales of hay and ripping into a juicy piece of venison iilegally killed on the lord's manor.and then serenading a busty wench with a swoonsome tune on his lute. so coool!

Peter Howie said...

Mr Bobbin got a bit carried away didn't he? I've taken a very careful luck at this interesting video and Doug Martsch is definitely more highbrow-looking than Bobbin's flight of fancy suggests. If we must find a medieval archetype for him I'd go with a scholar/monk working on a treatise on Aristotle.Or perhaps doing some superfine manuscript illumination.Something creative anyway.

doug finch said...

i don'tknow who's the bigger loser,bobbin with his hyperventilatin'medievalism or howie with his pretentious references to aristotle and illuminated manuscripts.get a grip for fuck's's a music video featuring risible examples of middled aged men dressing up in silly clothes. the music's pretty good-not up to the level of other tracks on the album-but the video's a bit lame.end of story.