Sunday, July 09, 2006

Andrew Morgan update

Seems like Andrew has changed his mind about the next album title. A Simple Plan has reverted to it's original title (see below).

"A Unified Theory of Everything is the follow-up to Misadventures in Radiology. Foundational sessions were held in an old Frank Lloyd Wright building in Chicago's No Man's Land neighborhood; Orchestral sessions in a studio apartment across the street from the University of Kansas football stadium. Rivaling Misadventures in cliffhanging ambition, the A.U.T.O.E sessions saw 21 songs and 5 instrumentals take shape across 10 months. Produced by Andrew and recorded in equal parts by engineers Shiraz Dada and David Wetzel, the album traverses an ever-shifting topography marked by helical staircases, blind alleys, and trap doors. Hopefully a release can be expected not too long after you've unpacked your jackets and scarves."

Read a review of Andrew's recent show at Schubas in Chicago.

Sunday morning listening

Bid on an original orange label issue LP on ebay
Lester Bangs on Astral Weeks.

Lullaby For The Working Class' Blanket Warm from 1996.

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